About Us

Canada's Premium Hunting Apparel Brand - Est. MMXVI 

Since being founded in 2016, our goal has been to promote hunting within Canada through social media and our line of apparel. We are here to fill the gap in today's market that is a Canada wide brand providing clothing to wear both in the woods and around town. Designed to stand out and help you identify as a Canadian hunter and even potentially be a conversation piece that gets Canada talking about what it means to be a hunter. Wear your CanHunt products proudly knowing that you are sharing in the narrative and supporting a socially responsible, all Canadian, veteran owned business.
The Name
CanHunt takes on a couple different meanings. Yes it represents Canadian hunting and the heritage that can be associated with that. But it also carries with it the idea that we live in this great land of the strong and free and that we in fact CAN hunt. Lets do our part to keep it that way!
We are currently run out of New Brunswick.
If you have any questions that you cannot find an answer to on our site, please feel free to CLICK HERE and send us a message.